2024 9th International Conference on Clean Energy and Power Generation Technology (CEPGT 2024)
Speakers of CEPGT 2022


Keynote Speakers

Prof. Marc A. Rosen, Ontario Tech University, Canada

(the topic: Hydrogen Energy Systems: A Pathway to 

Sustainable Energy and Sustainable DevelopmentCLICK手指点击.png)

Prof. Victor M. Becerra, University of Portsmouth, UK 

(the topic: Smart Grids and Solar Energy


Prof. M. Pourkashanian,

 The University of Sheffield,


Prof. Lijian Leng, 

Central South University, 


Invited Speakers

Assoc.Prof. Jian Xie,

North China Electric Power University, 


Dr. Junchao Xu, Lecturer,

Anhui University of Technology, 


Keynote Speakers


Prof. Marc A. Rosen, Ontario Tech University, Canada (Fellow, Canadian Academy of Engineering)

Research Interests: Energy, thermodynamics, sustainability, exergy, environment

Dr. Rosen has served as the founding Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science of Ontario Tech University, the President of the Engineering Institute of Canada and of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering. He has acted in many professional capacities, including Editor-in-Chief of various journals and a Director of Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation. 

With over 70 research grants and contracts and 900 technical publications, including numerous books, Dr. Rosen is an active teacher and researcher in sustainable energy, sustainability, and environmental impact. Much of his research has been carried out for industry.In his research, Dr. Marc A. Rosen has applied advanced thermodynamic techniques such as exergy analysis and other methods based on the Second Law of Thermodynamics to understand, assess, improve and optimize energy and other engineering systems. He has examined air thermal energy storage, including phase change systems, with various heat transfer configurations, and applied heat transfer and fluids engineering in his work. Recently. he has investigated and developed thermal performance management systems for batteries and battery packs, for applications in vehicles as well as fixed facilities.

Dr. Rosen has received numerous awards and honours, including an Award of Excellence in Research and Technology Development from the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Engineering Institute of Canada’s Smith Medal for achievement in the development of Canada, and the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering’s Angus Medal for outstanding contributions to the management and practice of mechanical engineering. He received a distinguished scholar award from Ryerson University and a Mid-Career Award from University of Toronto. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, the Engineering Institute of Canada, the Canadian Academy of Engineering, the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the International Energy Foundation.

Google Scholar: ‪Marc A. Rosen‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬

Directory of Fellows: Marc A. Rosen - Canadian Academy of Engineering

Personal Website: Dr. Marc A. Rosen, PEng, FASME, FCSME, FEIC, FIEF, FCAE, FCSSE | Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (ontariotechu.ca)


Prof. M. Pourkashanian, The University of Sheffield, UK

Professor Pourkashanian is the Head of the University Energy Institute (www.sheffield.ac.uk/energy) and leads the University of Sheffield Energy-2050 initiative. He holds a chair in Energy Engineering, is the General Secretary for the International Flame Research Foundation (IFRF, www.ifrf.net) and is Managing Director of the Translational Energy Research Centre National Facilities (www.terc.ac.uk) and Sustainable Aviation Fuels Innovation Centre (www.saf-ic.ac.uk ). He has completed numerous major research projects on clean energy technology, receiving substantial grants from the EPSRC, EU, NATO and industry. During his career at the universities of Sheffield and Leeds, Professor Pourkashanian has successfully managed over 100 research contracts and grants, with a total value of in excess of £78 million –with active research grants for 2021 in excess of £17M and relating to clean energy projects. His research is in the field of future clean and sustainable energy technology with a focus on multi-scale energy processes, computational and CFD modelling.  He and his students have authored over 492 publications in refereed journals and conference proceedings and have co-authored a several books on coal and biomass combustion. Professor Pourkashanian has graduated over 87 Ph.D. candidates and supervised over 40 postdoctoral scholars and research associates. He is currently supervising 28 Ph.D. graduate students and 13 research associates/fellows, Chair of International CCS Test Centre Network (https://itcn-global.org/), member of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF): Industrial Decarbonisation Advisory Group, Fellow of the Energy Institute and Chartered Engineer.

Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/M-Pourkashanian

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=AAH2GqwAAAAJ&hl=ru


Prof. Lijian Leng, Central South University, China


Prof. Lijian Leng has long been engaged in research and experiments in the related fields such as biomass thermal conversion& valorization, carbon sequestration / carbon storage. He has published more than 100 academic papers which has been cited more than 7000 times, and his H index is 44. Prof. Leng has also published more than 50 SCI papers as the first author in many authoritative journals such as Chemical Engineering Journal, Energy Conversion and Management, Energy, Fuel and so on. Among them, 30 papers were published in journals with impact factors > 10, 11 papers were selected as ESI 1% highly cited papers, and 4 papers were selected as ESI 0.1% hot papers. Prof. Leng has been granted more than 10 national invention patents and 4 software copyrights. In addition, Professor Leng has also won honors such as the world's highly cited scientist and the top 2% of the world's top scientists.

Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Lijian_Leng2?addNewPub=1

Publons: https://publons.com/researcher/2630125/lijian-leng/

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=dGcVcqwAAAAJ


Prof. Victor M. Becerra, University of Portsmouth, UK

Victor Becerra (IEEE Senior Member, IET Fellow) is currently a Professor of power systems engineering at the School of Energy and Electronic Engineering, University of Portsmouth, U.K. His research interests include a range of issues related to power systems, automatic control, plant condition monitoring, solar energy systems and energy storage. During his career, he has received external research funding from the EPSRC, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the European Space Agency, the Technology Strategy Board, Innovate U.K., the EU, and U.K. industry. He has published one monograph and has authored or coauthored two edited volumes. He has published over 170 refereed publications, including journal articles and international conference papers. A complete list of publications can be found in his publications page : Victor Becerra – Research outputs — University of Portsmouth. In addition, He is an Associate Editor and a member of the Editorial Board for the following journals: Energies, Electronics, Electricity, IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information, and Solar Engery.

IEEE Xplore: Victor M. Becerra - IEEE Xplore Author Profile

Google Scholar: ‪Victor Becerra‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬

Invited Speakers


Assoc.Prof. Jian Xie,North China Electric Power University, China


Assoc.Prof. Jian Xie is the leader of the innovation team of advanced power generation system from North China Electric Power University. His research interest includes advanced power cycle and renewable energy utilization, heat transfer of multiphase flow and supercritical fluid. He published more than 40 papers on international journals. Some papers were cited as “theoretical creteria”, “simple criterion”, “basic mechanism”, “establishes a general framework”, “provided general guidance” and “advanced strategy” by other researchers. He obtained 12 granted patents, amony which the pahse separation heat transfer exchanger won the excellent product award in China Hi-tech Fair. Due to these contributions, Prof. Jian Xie won the Chen Xuejun outstanding paper award for young scholars and IAAM award from international association of advanced materials. He was also invited to be editorial board member of Journal of Thermal Science and performed 8 plenary/keynote/invited lectures in international academic conferences.


Dr. Junchao Xu, Lecturer, Anhui University of Technology, China


Xu Junchao, Ph.D., lecturer at the Anhui University of Technology. He received his Ph.D. degree from the School of Energy and Environment at Southeast University in 2018. His research interest includes combustion particulate matter control and biomass carbon-based catalyst development. He proposed a visual research method of fine particle nucleation based on spatial controlled condensation. He published more than 20 papers in international journals, including CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, FUEL, POWDER TECHNOLOGY, AEROSOL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, etc., and obtained more than 10 granted patents.